Flute Studio Syllabus of Professor Marianne Gedigian 2016-2017


Studio number: (512) 471-0829

FLU210, FLU312, FLU260, FLU362

Class Objectives

To develop musical phrasing and contour, interpretation, diversity of styles, flute skills, including tonal and technical skills, embouchure, hand position, posture and balance, breathing and a natural approach to the instrument. Community engagement and professional decorum will be addressed.


  • Attend all of your private lessons and all master classes.
  • Freshmen and sophomores must attend a supplemental technique class.
  • Attend all faculty, student, and visiting artist recitals and master classes that involve flute.
  • Attend and/or perform in guest master classes as assigned by Professor Gedigian.
  • Be a good colleague and citizen of the School of Music and the flute studio to create a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Good standing in a large ensemble (Symphony Band, Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, or Symphony Orchestra).
  • If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson, please make every possible effort to contact studio members to trade lesson times. If you are unable to make alternate arrangements, there will be no guarantee of a make-up lesson.
  • If you must miss a required event in the flute studio, please contact Professor Gedigian as soon as possible before the event. She will determine if the absence will be excused.
  • Cell phones must be turned off during all events (including lessons). If your cell phone rings during a lesson, your lesson may be terminated.
  • As a part of professional decorum, please cordially greet performers, guest artists, and studio members after their performances.

Master Classes/Studio

  • Master classes/studio classes will take place on Tuesdays from 2-3:30 PM in the Recital Studio. You are expected to perform and present oral presentations during these sessions, as assigned.
  • Course Instructor Surveys will be administered to the studio within the last two weeks of classes.

For each lesson bring…

  • A notebook dedicated to flute lessons and your detailed lesson notes each week
  • A listening journal including your listening assignment with the title, composer, artist performing, and your written impression of the work and performance. A variety of music is expected (not just flute!) each week. This is not always assigned material– it is your responsibility to complete independently if Professor Gedigian has not specifically made an assignment
  • Complete set of parts for your assigned repertoire (flute AND score). Failure to produce a score may result in the lesson being forfeited. Plan ahead and make study copies so you can offer your piano partner the original part for performance.
  • A metronome and tuner (with the ability to sound a chromatic scale throughout several octaves)
  • A prepared verbal synopsis of the composition, information about the composer for any work you are assigned, and historical context


  • Depending on your level of study, you may be required to perform a jury during the final examination period at the end of the semester. The undergraduate coordinator, prior to the final examination period, will email information about juries.
  • You MUST fill out and turn in a jury sheet to Professor Gedigian even if you are not required to perform a jury. Log in to the BSOM Student Login using your UT EID and password at the top right corner of the BSOM home page.
  • The repertoire to be performed will be discussed with and assigned by Professor Gedigian.
  • Your final grade is averaged between the grade received by the jury panel and the grade given by Professor Gedigian for that semester of study.


  • Lottery sign up times will be periodically sent out to the student body. Please read these emails carefully, and follow their instructions exactly.
  • When it is your time to request a time for your recital to the lottery, first discuss with Professor Gedigian regarding her availability and then with your collaborative partner.
  • Once you have been assigned a recital date and time, communicate this information to Professor Gedigian and to your collaborative partner.
  • Repertoire will be discussed with and assigned by Professor Gedigian.
  • Submit your program details online. This can be done through the BSOM Student Login page in the Recital Management section.
  • You are required to provide program notes (WITH SOURCES) for your audience.
  • You are required to speak to the audience at least once during the recital.

Non-required recitals are allowed and encouraged, but may only be scheduled after the lotteries

for required recitals have been completed.

  • Comprehensive information about recital scheduling and policies can be found at <>.

Grading Policy

  • This is based on a number of criteria including attendance, accomplishment of agreed upon individually set goals, attitude and professional decorum, preparedness for lessons, oral and written assignments, and scale/technique assessments.
  • All students are allowed one excused absence per semester without grade penalty, which must be approved prior to the scheduled event that is being canceled. One unapproved/unexcused absence will not result in the lowering of the final semester grade.
  • Each subsequent unexcused absence will lower the final grade by one half of a letter grade.
  • Four absences in a semester will result in the failure of the course.
  • An “A” grade represents
    • Punctual attendance at all lessons and required events
    • Comprehensive lesson and master class preparation
    • Consistent application of concepts
    • Professional decorum and attitude
  • Progress will be evaluated throughout the semester and discussed with each student.
  • You may be responsible for assessments and midterm performance examinations in addition to the formal jury and recital requirements. Test and midterm performance examinations will count as 25% of the grade.

Borrowing Privileges

  • Professor Gedigian makes available her collection of musical texts and recordings to members of the studio for borrowing with the expectation that studio members treat these materials with care and respect. Please follow these guidelines:
    • Receive Professor Gedigian’s approval to borrow materials.
    • Sign out the item(s) by filling out the form in the red binder on the bookshelf.
    • All materials are due TWO WEEKS after checkout unless communicated and approved by Professor Gedigian.
    • If renewing items, please complete the checkout process again.

Room Reservations

  • Students may reserve classrooms and performance halls for rehearsals and recordings. Room availability may be accessed in the Room View section of your BSOM student page.
  • Comprehensive information about reserving rooms and halls can be found at <>.

Recording Sessions

  • It is common for students to apply for competitions, jobs, music festivals, and academic programs that require recordings to be submitted.
  • Comprehensive information about scheduling recording sessions may be found at <>.


  • Please respond promptly to all communications from Professor Gedigian and her Teaching Assistant.
  • If your primary email address or phone number changes at any time, it is your responsibility to notify the Teaching Assistant immediately so the contact list can be kept up to date.

Office Hours

  • Professor Gedigian is happy to arrange a meeting time outside of class should you need to meet with her. Please contact her directly to schedule a meeting.


The University of Texas at Austin provides upon request appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. For more information, contact the office of the Dean of Students at (512) 471-6259 or (512) 471-6441

 UT Honor Code (or statement of ethics) and an explanation or example of what constitutes plagiarism can be found at:

Regarding accommodations for religious holidays, by UT Austin policy, you must notify me of your pending absence at least fourteen days prior to the date of observance of a religious holy day. If you must miss a class, and examination, a work assignment, or a project in order to observe a religious holy day, you will be given an opportunity to complete the missed work within a reasonable time after the absence.

Information regarding SSD (services for students with disabilities) may be found at: